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Unlock and explore your healing potential through a Reiki or Reflexology class at Tranquil Spirit. DE CEU's are also available for Massage Therapists. Please contact Kathy Schauber at (302) 834-6853 or kschauber@hotmail.com for more information.

Reiki Level I TBD $195
Reiki Level II TBD $270
Holy Fire ART/Reiki Master Training August 29 & 30, 2020 $895
Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Training August 15 & 16, 2020 $895
Reflexology August 22 & 23, 2020 $250
Beginning Meditation Call to Schedule $30
Basic Stretching Call to Schedule $30
Tapping Your Inner Guidance Call to Schedule $30

New Classes at Tranquil Spirit
Empower yourself with these valuable life skills!

Beginning Meditation
"Ooh, I can't meditate"... is that what you have always said?? Oh yes you can! Come and learn how to quiet your mind. Meditation is a wonderful healthy habit that you can start now. This relaxing practice can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol; it relieves stress and tension and helps your body heal quicker from injuries. You will learn several different types of meditation and see how easy meditation really is. Practicing in a group is very powerful because of the group energies. This class will give you a tool for changing your life...bringing more peace, health, and happiness along the way.
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Basic Stretching
This class will be so relaxing! That's exactly what stretching will do! Increasing your flexibility will help you increase your range of motion, relieves stress and tension through your whole body. It improves circulation and removes lactic acid from your muscles, improves lymph flow, reduces risk of muscle, joint, tendon and ligament injuries and is very helpful in healing injuries. Proper stretching improves athletic performance. Stretching is very helpful in improving posture too! Bring a mat or blanket and learn how you can keep your body feeling good!
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Tapping Your Inner Guidance
Did you ever wish you could call God on the cell phone when you have a question?? We all have the ability to connect with our inner guidance-we have all the answers we ever need within us because we are a part of the Divine. We are connected at all times to the infinite intelligence of the Universe. Learn techniques that can help you make decisions, find your life path and follow it. Learn how to see the signs of guidance that the Universe gives us all the time. Learn how to notice the "God Winks", synchronicities that guide our lives and let us know when we are on track. We will talk about Tarot, Pendulum Dowsing, Connecting with our Angels or Spirit Guides and lots more. You do have His cell number!
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Wellness Massage
Couples Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Sports Massage
On-Site Chair Massage
Body Wraps
Manual Lymph Drainage
Myofascial Release
"EB" Cellular Cleanse Therapy
EFT Emotional Freedom Technique
Theta Healing
Lomi Lomi Massage
Touch For Health Kinesiology
Reflexology with Color
Gemstone Healing
Paraffin Treatment
Tarot Card Reading
Personal Training

(DE CEU's for
Massage Therapists)
Reiki Level I
Reiki Level II
ART/Master Level
Karuna Master Training
Reiki Angels
Beginning Meditation
Basic Stretching
Tapping Your Inner Guidance